23 Best Places to Visit In Mangalore 2

23 Best Places to Visit In Mangalore

Hey Guys, I am So Excited!, To Write this 23 Best Places Visit In Mangalore. Because of Rolling Around Mangalore since Birth and growing up in this fab Place And Yea I’m Writing this.

And I’m keeping in my mind that you have to get the best information in this blog. So I have put all the information that I know and what I researched.

So let us start, And don’t forget to comment down below about this blog.

And It is going to be the Longest Blog of mine Till Date!

1. Manasa Waterpark: 1st place to visit in Mangalore

Manasa Waterpark

When we think about Mangalore we think about Beaches, because of the coastal region. and a lot of beaches and if you want to have those water fun Indore in Mangalore the Manasa amusement park makes this best.

But don’t expect to be a big water park, This water park Spread over 12 acres of land. It is situated that 12 km from the Mangalore within the Vicinity of pilikula Nisarga Dhama.

It is an ideal picnic spot and it is fun for both adults and children.

You will find a well-maintained landscape and garden with lush lawns and special rest area for old age groups at Manasa waterpark,

The restaurants black at the park can accommodate around 350 people. and there are several food counters ( outside foods are not allowed )

Ticket price will be dependent on the one who visits like:

350 for adults above 4.5 feet
250 for children below 4.5 feet
200 for senior citizen above 60 years
free entry for below 3 feet

2. Pannambur Beach; 2nd place to visit in Mangalore

Pannambur Beach

Pannambur beach in the shores of the Arabian Sea, In the largest city of Karnataka, Mangalore the prime port city. which is known for beaches.

The word ‘Panam’ defined to be called ‘money’ while ‘ur’ in the native languages means ‘village’. Since this beach, always have given a lot of the people a livelihood it was called ‘Pannambur’.

And the beach is located 10 km away from the city.

And it is one of the safest and best-maintained beaches in India.

And also the most popular and most visited beach of coastal Karnataka.

This beach is now maintained by a private enterprise under the banner of the Panambur Beach Tourism Development Project.

Also on this beach, we can find some fun play namely:

Jet Ski rides, Boating, Dolphin viewing, and also we can see food stalls.

And also kite festivals, boat races, sand sculpting contests, and air shows are periodically organized here.

If you skipped: Dolphins are also known to have been spotted here so be prepared to capture some of the cutest sea moments during the right seasons.

3. Kudla Theertha Falls; 3rd place to visit in Mangalore

Kudla Theertha Falls

Kudlu Theertha falls where the waterfalls from a height of 150 feet into a big pool.

This is a beautiful waterfall and its possible to swim in the pool below the falls.

And Kudlu Theertha is located about 42 km away from Udupi in Deep jungle of western Ghats near Hebri town.

There is one more waterfall above Kudlu Theertha, called Manga Theertha (Monkey Theertha), named so because the only monkey can reach path is very stepping inside the forest.

It could be the best place for the weekends,

It meant for weekends, It meant for those who love trekking. One has to go for those who love trekking.

One has to go for 4 km walking/trekking as the vehicle does not cross the stream at Kudlu Gate.

However, This place is calm Serene and isolated after walking for nearly half an hour amidst the beauty of nature, one can encounter the waterfall.

And there is a delicate bridge on the right side to cross the river. After crossing that one has to walk inside the jungle. he bridge located here, allows only two-wheelers to cross the river without any difficulties.

However, one has to be prepared with food and water as no shops are available nearby. shops can be found only at Hebri.

4. Adyar falls; 4th place to visit in Mangalore

Adyar falls

Adyar waterfalls are around a 12 km drive from the Mangalore city.

This waterfall has no official name and the locals name it after the place it is located i.e. Adyar.

There are two roads which lead to this place. The route towards BC Road highway near Adyar and others from Neermarga (the road towards Volachil).

There are in fact two waterfalls here in Adyar, which is at a gap of 200 meters. Both these places can be easily located by the roaring sound of the waterfall. When you take a trek down to this place you will easily find some helpful locals who can guide you to locate this waterfall.

Many of the Mangaloreans are not aware of this beautiful waterfall or they may not have visited. This is one of the recommended places to visit and enjoy.

5. St. Aloysius Chapel; 5th place to visit in Mangalore

St. Aloysius Chapel

Who says that we have to go to visit the Sistine Chapel in Rome if we want to see the beauty and splendor of a church? Or, feel the peace and divinity emanating from its walls?

Now we have our very own Sistine Chapel in Mangalore, the St. Aloysius Chapel.

Located right in the middle of the city in all its glory, it was built in 1885, by Reverend Father Joseph Willy.

Its location is at the top of the Light House Hill on the campus of St. Aloysius College.  The location allows you to get a picturesque view of the Arabian Sea.

Visitors from over 63 countries from across the world come to honor this sacred and cultural venue.

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And the St. Aloysius Chapel in Mangalore was built by Jesuit Missionaries in 1880 and its interiors painted by the Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni in 1899, during the Mangalore Mission in 1878

6. Kudroli Gokarna Temple; 6th place to visit in Mangalore

Kudroli Gokarna Temple

Situated 2 km from the heart of the city of Mangalore, Gokarnatheshwara Temple is one magnificent place. The divine atmosphere of the temple combines with the humongous structure and gives one of the most soothing and serene feelings.

The place stays crowded most of the time.

To avoid any such problems, visit during the early morning or late evenings. You can visit the temple all year-round. All the months offer the same grandeur.

But festivals are something which is more elegantly celebrated here. Especially Durga Pooja is one festival which is celebrated by great enthusiasm.

The temple is one of the most visited tourist locations in Karnataka and reaching here is a cakewalk. It is only 5 Km from the city of Mangalore.

You can take an auto or simply bus to reach here. And talking about Mangalore, then it is a well-connected place too and reaching there is no big deal. It has an airport and a railway station as well.

It is listed in one of the most popular sites in Mangalore,

This temple has more to do than just being a holy spot. The architectural brilliance, the feeling of tranquillity, the smoothening of soul, and much more than architectural brilliance, the feeling of tranquillity, the smoothening of soul, and much more that could not be expressed in words.

Even if you are not so religious, paying your visit here would be one enchanting experience. Treat your soul with the dose of peace it requires.

7.Pilikula Nisargadhama; 7th place to visit in Mangalore

Pilikula Nisargadhama

Pilikula Nisarga Dhama (Pilikula) is a major eco-education and tourism development project promoted by the District Administration of Dakshina Kannada in the beautiful city of Mangaluru in Karnataka State, India.

An integrated theme park with a wide variety of features,

Pilikula has many attractions of cultural, educational and scientific interest.

The park is spread over an area of 370 acres comprising of a tropical forest and the enchanting Pilikula Lake.

The project presently includes a Biological Park, Arboretum, a Science Centre, a Lake Park with Boating Centre, a Water Amusement Park and a Golf Course.

Other features which are currently being developed include a Heritage Village, an Ayurveda Health Therapy Centre and Tourist Cottages

‘Pilikula’ derives its name from ‘Pilikula Lake’ which is today one of the major attractions of the project.

According to local legend, the lake was once a haunt of tigers. Hence it got to be called ‘Pilikula’ which means ‘Tiger Pond’.

Prior to the Pilikula project, the Pilikula Lake, which was once a large water body, had degenerated into becoming a small pond and was on the verge of being lost completely.

A significant Biological Park is established in Pilikula Nisarga Dhama has a major focus on the wildlife species of Western Ghats. The park is named as Dr. Shivaram Karnath Biological Park. The park consists of an area of 82 hectares.

And This is the place where I went so many times in this 23 Best Places to visit In Mangalore

8. Sultan Battery; 8th place to visit in Mangalore

Sulthan Battery

Sultan Battery is situated in Boloor, 4 km from Mangalore city.

The place is known for the watchtower located amidst the beauty of nature, supposedly constructed by Emperor Tipu Sultan.

Tipu Sultan built the tower 15 years before his death in 1784 AD.

The place was previously known as Sultan’s Battery, the word battery meaning firing of canons. The place, built of black stones, was constructed to obstruct warships from entering the river, which was the major route for the English invasion but was then retrieved from the English by Tipu Sultan.

Though the place holds the watchtower, it looks much like a fort with mounting places for canyons.

There is an underground storage area under the tower that was used to store gunpowder. This reminds us of the significance the place held as it was the major dockyard and arsenal of the ruler.

It was also a naval station and this place was of great importance to the ruler as he used it to intercept enemy warships from docking.

If one climbs to the top of the watchtower by stairs, they can get a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea which leaves nature lovers in boundless joy. This place is a blend of natural and man-made beauty.

It is now a deserted place but is gathering popularity amongst tourists because of the invading eternal bliss of nature.

9. Kadri Hill Park; 9th place to visit in Mangalore

Kadri Hill Park

The park is just located nearby Kadri Manjunatha Temple. Well, to let you know Kadri Hill Park is one of the most popular places to visit in Mangalore that is a must check-in to add in your itinerary. Kadri Hill Park is one of the large parks that is visited by even the locals during weekends and vacations.

You can step inside the park along with your family and friends. It is the most extraordinary place that one must visit with loved ones to spend some quality time together.

You can also come across some varied species of animals in the park. There is also an animal conservatory aside from the park.

The timings are between 6 am, and 8:30 pm and other strict regulations have to be followed.

10. Pilikula Park And Golf Course; 10th place to visit in Mangalore

Pilikula Park And Golf Course

Pilikula Park and Golf Course are well-known as a mystical spot in which tigers move freely. Literally meaning ‘pond of tigers’, the park is spread over an area of 350 acres.

Often known as Pilikula Nisargadhama, it is an integrated nature park. Located atop a hillock, the park overlooks Gurupura River, coconut groves and acacia plantations.

Situated in the Moodushedde Village, it is an eco-educational and tourism park promoted by the District Administration. Within this park lie, Biological Park, a golf course, an amusement park, a lake, an arboretum, a science center, a heritage village, and an artisan village. The 18-hole golf course located within the park also contains a golf cabin. Boating and game watching are favorite activities within the park.

11. Tannirbhavi Beach; 11th place to visit in Mangalore

tannir bhavi

This is the perfect place for peace and nature lover. Well, Tannirbhavi is the quietest and offbeat location that people generally fail to visit.

The place has all remained desolate and has always been kept apart from other places, just because of the isolated region.

Well, it’s pretty safe here. If you are looking to experience peace of mind, with the utmost serenity, then this is the righteous place that you must never afford to miss.

The beach offers you an unruffled state, just enjoying the sunset in the evening. The only route to visit the beach is by road; it is quite close to the Gurupura River or from the Sultan Battery.

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12. Ullal Beach; 12th place to visit in Mangalore

Ullal Beach

The favorite beach in Karnataka is Ullal Beach in Mangalore. It is indeed one of the beautiful beaches of Karnataka. The beach is about at a distance of 5km from the city of Mangalore.

It offers magnificent and unparallel views to its travelers. Sunbathing and swimming are the two common activities on the beach.

Ullal Beach of Mangalore, Karnataka is dotted with casuarinas and provides breathtaking scenic beauty. Tourists spend weekends and enjoy their vacation in the beauty of Ullal beach in tranquility and serenity.

Summer Sands Beach Resort is the major attraction of Ullal Beach. It is located at Ullal and is 15km away from the city of Mangalore.

It lies on the shores of the Arabian Sea and covers an expanse of 14acre land, which is surrounded by beautiful shrubs and trees.

It also has furnished cottages for the accommodation of travelers. Besides, people also visit Somanatheshwara Temple and St. Sebastian Church.

It is easy to reach Ullal Beach from Mangalore and other connecting cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, as 3 National Highways pass through it namely N.H. 17, N.H.48, and N.H. 13.

Bajpe is a domestic airport, which is 15 km from Mangalore city. It connects Mumbai and Bangalore. Konkan Railways link Mangalore to major cities in India. Besides, All Season Sea Port called New Mangalore Port Trust in Panamboor joins the city to other countries as well.

13. Milagres Church; 13th place to visit in Mangalore

Milagres Church

Milagres Church is a Roman Catholic church dedicated to Our Lady of Miracles, situated in the heart of Mangalore city.

Established in the year 1680 by Bishop Thomas de Castro it is one of the oldest churches in Dakshina Kannada.

This Church in the heart of the city stands tall; if it does so it is because of the industrious nature of its past parishioners and the Goan, European and Mangalorean priests who have rendered unstinted service to the church during the 339 years of its existence.

It is a magnificent piece of art, but there’s more to it than just art; it is a place where Mother Mary’s devotees come from far and near to venerate her

14. Mangaladevi Temple; 14th place to visit in Mangalore

Mangaladevi Temple

Situated in bolara, Mangalore derived its name from the goddess Mangala Devi, also known as the Deity Shakti.

The temple has a beautiful history from the 9th century. yes, you read that right.

The Shrine is that old and connects the ancient religious norms to the current rituals. The architecture of the temple is based on the typical Kerala style temples.

It is ideal to visit the temple and witness the Navaratri festival celebration. It is terrific!

The guides may not be available to walk you through the monument, but the locals and temple priests will be able to help you out with anything that you may need or enquire about.

Once you are in the city, you may hire a taxi or an auto or may go for the local buses. City buses no. 27, 27A and 29A take you directly to the temple. The travel is made easy in Mangalore with its very well-connected routes.

15. Surathkal Beach; 15th place to visit in Mangalore

Surathkal Beach

Beautifully caged between the Arabian Sea on one side, and the Western Ghats on the other, in the prime port city of the Dakshin Bharat state of Karnataka, lies the quiet little bustling town of Mangalore.

The portland is outlined with numerous pristine, surprisingly well-kept beaches and is visited by tourists in huge numbers.

This friendly cosmopolitan city is also the center of some of the most prestigious Engineering Colleges of the country and the beach of Surathkal, dotted with NIT Surathkal as a reference location.

Come down here to experience bliss walking along the pearly sands and feel your adrenaline rushing with the adventure sports.

There aren’t a lot of good eating joints nearby so you should get along some snacks and water for yourself.

16. Someshwara Beach; 16th place to visit in Mangalore

Someshwara Beach

One such place is Someshwar Beach, which has been visited a lot by locals and other seasonal tourists but its surroundings are still unexplored.

Despite being such a beautiful spot, it is famous only amongst locals. So, how about unveiling the charm of Someshwar Beach this season?

Located in Mangaluru, Someshwar Beach is dotted with several large rocks with the presence of beautiful hills and lush greenery in its vicinity.

These rocks at Someshwar Beach are called Rudra Shile, which means the rocks of Lord Shiva – due to the presence of Someshwara Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

This temple was built during the 10th century, during the Alupa dynasty and is a popular pilgrimage site amongst Hindus where you can also find several people performing rituals for the departed souls.

Someshwar Beach is an ideal getaway into the arms of composure and calmness. The spectacular views of the hills and beautiful trees at the time of dawn and dusk are definitely worth watching.

So, how about taking a stroll over the dazzling sand of Someshwar Beach and relaxing in its soothing waters?

17. Kateel Durga parmeshwari temple; 17th place to visit in Mangalore

23 Best Places to Visit In Mangalore 3

Kateel or Kateelu is a temple town in the Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka, India.

It is about 26 kilometers away from Mangalore and is considered one of the holiest temple towns in Hinduism. The main attraction of the town is the temple of Sri Durga Parameshwari.

The holy temple is situated on an islet in the middle of the sacred river Nandini amidst panoramic scenes and fascinating greenery.

Thousands of devotees visit Kateel every day to seek blessings from goddess Durga Parameshwari. obtain the blessings of Durga Parameshwari

The temple’s trust also encourages several forms of arts. Notable among them is the Yakshagaana, dashavathara mela which was started as an offering to the goddess.

Yakshagaana is a traditional theatre form combining dance, music, spoken word, costume-makeup, and stage technique with a distinct style and form.

Both the word Yakshagaana and its world are both interesting and intriguing. It is a theatre form mainly prevalent in the coastal districts and adjacent areas, in Karnataka Yakshagaana is one of the most living art traditions in the World.

There are about 5 full-fledged troupes in Kateel. They go on tour between November to May, performing Seva shows as Harake of the devotee. The show starts from 9 PM till 6 AM in the morning!

18. Sasithlu Beach; 18th place to visit in Mangalore

Sasithlu Beach

Around 22 km away from Mangalore is the remarkable Sasihithlu Beach. It is located just two km before NITK Surathkal, Mukka.

The beach has stunning white sand adding to the beauty of it and is indeed a picturesque location to admire. The blueish sea bordered with this white sand looks immensely enthralling like the Milky Way.

Other than local fishermen, there are not many tourists visiting here.

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The cool breeze and the silent waves are truly splendid and relaxing. The soothing waves caress the white sand in a calm and serene way providing soothing relief.

The island of Munda surrounded by the rivers Shambhavi and Nandini on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other side making the place an outstanding spot for tourists.

The virgin beach is hidden away from the crowd making it an idyllic place to enjoy and rekindle the joy of being a kid again. Sasihithlu Bach is around 6km from Mukka on the NH 66 Road.

It is adjacent to the scenic confluence of the backwaters of Shambhavi and Nandini that adds up the enchanting beauty. This stunning beach is near the Sasihithlu village and one must walk through the village and an array of acacia trees to reach the beach.

19. Rosario Cathedral; 19th place to visit in Mangalore

Rosario Cathedral

At a distance of 1.5 km from Mangalore Railway Station, Rosario Cathedral situated near Mangaladevi Temple is an ancient church built by Portuguese in the year 1568. The Church was reconstructed in 1910.

The church has impressive architecture, designed in the pattern of St Peters Basilica of Rome and resembling the Roman architectural style.

The dome is the most beautiful part and is a crowning work of the architectural magnificence. It also has a tall & magnificent bell tower in front of the church. In Tulu, Rosario Church is called -Poyyeda Ingreji-, meaning Sand Church.

The Feast of Our Lady Rosary is celebrated on 7th October every year with great glory.

20. New Mangalore Port;

New Mangalore Port

New Mangalore Port is a deep-water, all-weather port at Panambur, Mangalore in Karnataka state in India, which is the deepest inner harbor on the west coast. It is the only major port of Karnataka and is the seventh-largest port in India. This port is operated by New Mangalore Port Trust (NMPT).

The port is in Panambur, Mangalore on the west coast of India. It is to the north of the confluence of the Gurupura (Phalguni) river to the Arabian sea. It is 170 nautical miles (310 km) south of Mormugao Port and 191 nautical miles (354 km) north of Kochi Port.

The name “New Mangalore Port” distinguishes it from an old harbor or port in Mangalore city which is called “Mangalore bunder” or “Old bunder”. The old harbor is south of New Mangalore port and is now used for fishing and for ferrying small goods.

21. Kodi Bengre Beach;

Kodi Bengre Beach

Located at a distance of 70 km from Mangalore and 9 km from Udupi in Karnataka, Kodi Bengre is a commercial beach in the sleepy village of Kodi Bengre.

The village is known for its fisheries and the business that is carried out on a large scale. Also called the Delta Beach, it has several small ports to facilitate the business of the fisheries.

In addition to that, there are also some small toddy shops and shacks selling refreshments and beverages for the handful of tourists that visit the place.

It is also known as a ‘Sangama’ point as the River Suvarna merges here with the majestic Arabian Sea.

Other than the regular fishing shenanigans, the beach boasts of scintillating sunset and sunrise views and offers a pristine environment and solitude as very few people visit here.

Although, the golden sands are ideal to relax and rejuvenate and watch the enchanting panoramic views, however, the beach waters are not suitable for swimming as it has sinking sands and the activity could pose major life risks.

You can also visit the quaint fishing villages and take a peek into the life of the fisherfolks.

22. Savira kambada Basadi;

Savira kambada Basadi

Moodabidri, a temple town in Karnataka has some fascinating stories of a rich cultural past embedded in its eighteen temples.

With 18 roads connecting various villages, 18 lakes, 18 temples, and 18 Jain Basadis, Moodabidri has a definitive link to the number 18. Located 37 kilometers away from Mangalore, the town was named after the abundant bamboo growing in the area.

Moodabidri is a compound word made up of Mooda (East) and Bidri (Bamboo).

Saavedra Kambada Basadi, a Jain temple in Karnataka, is well known across the world not only because it was built in 1430, but because of the remarkable pillars that are an integral part of the temple.

The temples are also known as the Tribhuvan Tilaka Chudamani Basadi or the crest jewel of the three worlds. 

The local Chieftain Devaraya Wodeyar initiated the construction of the temple in 1430, but the temple as it stands today includes additions made in 1962.

The temple was constructed over a painstaking period of 31 years. An equivalent amount of 9 crores was spent in the construction of the fascinating temple.

The construction of the temple took place in phases. The first phase saw the construction of the sanctum sanctorum with the eight-foot idol of Chandranath. The idol is the reason the temple is also known as the Chandranath Basadi.

The second phase oversaw the construction of the magnificent prayer hall with its innumerable pillars.

The last phase of construction was the erection of the manasthamba, commissioned by Queen Nagala Devi. The 60-foot monolith is in many ways the centerpiece in a temple that is awe-inspiring around every turn.

Although the temple complex features three separate stories, devotees are only allowed on the upper floors once in a year.

And this temple is my favorite In this 23 Best Places to visit in Mangalore

Despite being one of the oldest and biggest Jain temples in Asia, the upper floors are in many ways a well-kept secret.

23. Kadri Manjunath Temple;

Kadri Manjunath Temple

Kadri Manjunatheshwara Temple is located in Mangalore. It is the spectacular temple of Lord Manjunatha or Lord Shiva on the Kadri hills.

The temple is a complete depiction of early Vijayanagara architecture dating back to the 10th and 11th centuries AD.

The location of the temple is overwhelming with the presence of the deity of the temple, and the marvelous hillocks of the Kadri hills, which has many caves cut into the hills.

The caves contain many pre-historic pieces of evidence too which adds to the impeccable holy spirit of the valley.  The overall location is extremely spiritual and calm.

The temple belongs to the category of Tulunadu temples in the Dakshina Kannada region. The Kadri hill also has the biggest Natha Pantha (idolization) in the south of India.

The name Kadri was derived from Kadari which meant plantain and Kadri are filled with plantain trees all over. In Buddhism, the word Kadarika meant a ridge side pasture land. The Kadri mountain has been mentioned in the earlier epigraphs which are dated back to A.D.968 on the pedestal of the Lokeshwara picture installed in the Kadrika Vihara which was installed by the King Kundravarma of Alupa dynasty. Hence the inscriptions confirmed the former name of the Kadri hills was Kadrika.

So this all is some of the best places to visit in Mangalore from our Side if you have any in your mind and Please let us know in the comment section below.

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