Travel blog: The 11 ultimate crazy travel bloggers list (2020 edition) 2

Travel blog: The 11 ultimate crazy travel bloggers list (2020 edition)

I just found some Travel Blog which I think are the world’s best travel blog out there ( After so much research ) If I miss anyone please let me know in the comment box below.

Travel Blog

Nomadic Matt

trave blog
Credits: Respective Owners

In this busy world who don’t like traveling. everyone like you and me loves to do that

But for some conditions, we have to stay in one place for a reason and in this, so many people are facing a big dad problem called money problem.

Yea if You’re also from a middle-class family like I do you do understand quietly.

To invest so much money on traveling and adventure.

So here’s Matt which he has a blog named Nomadic Matt. Which I personally like the most,

He shares his experience of how you can travel more with less money,

Like, where can I or You get the best deals, How do I or You Save money on flights, how do I or You maximize our time and many more questions are answered in his blog.

And if you’re a travel enthusiast and you don’t follow Matt’s travel blog you’re missing out on the pretty big part of traveling.

This Blog also featured on The Newyork Times, CNN, Life Hackers, BBC, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Yahoo Finance, Boing Boing, The Huffington Post, TIME, National Geography, The Independent as mentioned in the website.

And for more information please do click here.

travelling blogs

The Broke Backpacker

travelling blogs
Credits: Respective Owners

The Broke Backpacker Started in September 2014 by Will Hatton.

And this is also consisted of how to travel more with less money as I said to you in Nomadic Matt.

With that, they also give you information about how can you travel the world and how can you make that as your primary income,

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And how can you grow through it And how can you make your own travel blog as they do and how to rank in Search engines.

“This is a site for backpackers by backpackers. You wouldn’t see any cocktails on the beach bullshit here – this isn’t that kind of site” – This is written on the website which makes their viewers to directly know what type of content they are providing.

best bloggers

The Planet D

trave blog
Credits: Respective Owners

The Planet D Site attracts everyone by their motto called ” Adventure is for Everyone” And I do agree that,

And they say you don’t need to be a uber-athlete adrenaline junkie or apart of an ultra-rich to be an adventurer! All you need is the desire to achieve something more.

The Planet D also featured in the top 10 influencers by Forbes, and this blog got more than 1 million people, viewers, and 600k social media followers.

And this blog also got a gold medal in Best Travel Blog in both American travel writers and North American travel journalist Associations.

And The Planet D blog which gives a more inspiration or motivation by those two people. And they one more time showed that ordinary people can also travel all around the world and lead an extraordinary life.

They have traveled 115 countries on 7 continents together until now.

And following them, you will surely get the best information and inspiration all in one place.

For more information click here.

blogging sites best

Hippie In Heels

travelling blogs
Credits: Respective Owners

Hippie In Heels a female blog,

Who traveled 30 countries but she is having a very well maintained story, Guide or Information about India’s Beautiful Diaries which part is not shown in movies.

Right now she is living in goa, India.

And she also has a Sunday backpacker boutique, Where she interviews with other bloggers and luxury guides from experts. which makes it different from other blogs.

Thus is the short information about Hippie In Heels And The founder of Hippie In Heels‘s Rachel Jones and for more information click here.

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blogger traveler

The Blonde Abroad

website about travel
Credits: Respective Owners

The Blond Abroad blog is an award-winning solo female travel blog.

Featuring Travel Tips, Packing Guides, Videos and Photography from around the world.

And She traveled to 71 countries,

Boarded 500 Flights. As she mentioned in her blog.

And she is also my favorite Female Solo Traveller.

blog traveling

Adventurous Kate

blogs about travel
Credits: Respective Owners

Adventure Kate is founded by Kate Mccully at the age of 26 she quit her job and decided to travel the world.

And she traveled across 82 countries on 7 continents.

She makes her primary income from her traveling,

And she teaches her blog followers to how you can travel the world on your own – Easily, Safely, and adventurously.

And for more information click here.

Ordinary Traveller

website about travel
Credits: Respective Owners

Ordinary Traveler is an award-winning adventure travel and lifestyle blog by Christy Woodrow and Scott Calafiore.

Ordinary traveler‘s focus is to provide trip ideas for people with limited vacation time,

And to introduce off-the-beaten-path destinations that you may not find on the other travel blogs.

They lead their life and website by the thought of “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Rather than letting their fears hold them back, they try to force themselves to do the things that scare us the most.

Young Adventures

blogs about travel
Credits: Respective Owners

Young Adventure blog which is run by a female called Liz and she traveled to 60 countries on 7 continents by 10 odd years

And this blog featured on many platforms namely BBC, Buzz feed, TED X, CNN, TIME, The New York Times, and Etc.

And Liz got her first trip when she was 16 years old,

And after that in 12 odd years, she completed her near 50 countries.

She posts a blog about her photography, Wanders, and food which she eats and How to earn while you travel.

for more information click here.

Everything Everywhere

best bloggers
Credits: Respective Owners

Everything Everywhere is a blog owned by Gary Arndt,

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Gary is one of the guy who takes a large number of interviews with other blogs, magazines, podcasts, and television programs.

And if you’re interested in taking an interview with him he is open to all of them and contact him at [email protected]

He is also having a free travel photography ebook if anyone wants to learn, go through his page.

Also, he is having a huge number of quality content too.

Off the Path

blog traveling
Credits: Respective Owners

Sebastian is the founder of this wonderful blog,

And He had traveled to nearly 100 countries, and also he had lived in 10 of them.

He can talk 5 languages fluently and basic conversation with you in many more languages,

He has a tone of experience in his blog for you. and he wants to follow his all dreams and also inspire you to do the same.

for more information click here.

Lazy Travel Blog

blog about travel
Credits: Respective Owners

Lazy travel blog is a blog that shows you the good, the bad, the ugly, the exhausted, the perfect, the frustrated and the amazed.

And it contains travel guides, travel stories of how anyone can travel or take adventures, no matter how much money is in your bank account.

This blog features the couples with a baby who did the choice of living their life adventurously.

Like this, any one of you wants to have their life as their dream adventure PLEASE GO FOR IT! who knows what is waiting for you, and who knows one fine day you can also be a part of this type of content.


And Stay Tuned for TRAVEL GEARS INFO.

Post continues in the next blog.

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And please let me know your thoughts about this post or This Website.

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