Travel Blogs: Top 10 Indian Best Travel Blog (2020 edition) 2

Travel Blogs: Top 10 Indian Best Travel Blog (2020 edition)

When it comes to your love for travel, You never lose a chance to get to know the better way to get information about travel blogs or things.

And in this type, if you love to travel and your all the way to know where the Right top Indian best travel blogs list are here we providing the most top 10 loved travel blogs in India.

So without wasting time let me get into our most loved top 10 travel blogs or travel bloggers in India,

let’s get started… And in this, you got something bonus.

Note: The list is in no particular order and does not reflect the ranking of bloggers. We know you all are awesome.

1. Indiabackpackmotorbike.com;

Indiabackpackmotorbike.com Website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

This Indian website is created and owned by and by Venkat Ganesh, He Firstly started his traveling in the time of graduation and after the completion of graduation and having a job he didn’t stop traveling on his bike.

And his blog mainly focusing on motorcycle touring backpacking advice and responsible Traveller and he does also had an interview with travel enthusiasts travel bloggers and others.

And for more information click here.

2. Ankionthemove.com;

Ankionthemove.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

This is India’s Award-winning travel Adventure fashion, blogger, vlogger at Anki on the move, And this is a travel blog which is lead by a female called Ankitha Sinha.

And She traveled almost 18 countries and wrote 380 + travel stories and she also got Indian blogger Award 2013, GCC Puraskar Tourism, Excellency in travel writing by Spain tourism.

And for more information click here.

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3. Devilonwheels.com;

devilsonwheels.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Devils On Wheels is the blog that is owned by Dheeraj Sharma a traveler and his love for riding or driving to a long-distance is awesome and right now He is Living in the USA with his family for a project and he is the Software lead manager/Lead. And having his chill life and guiding people about the travel things.

And this beautiful blog is mainly focusing on the Himalayas and he states his website as Devils on Wheels: Himalayan travel Community Itself.

And for more information click here.

4. Lakshmisharath.com;

lakshmisharath.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Lakshmi Sharath’s Website is the as mentioned Lakhsmi Sharath is an owner of this blog and she is a traveler, travel blogger, storyteller, writer, digital influencer, content specialists, media professional, and photographer,

And This Blog was established in 2005, She traveled 25 countries over 5 Continents and traveled India extensively.

For more information Click here.

5. sandeepachetan.com;

sandeepachetan.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

The same way with As mentioned Sandeepa Chetan Is the owner of this blog, Sandeepa writes blog posts in this blog and Chetan is a photographer of this blog.

And Sandeepa is an Electronics Engineer and Chetan worked in digital media for almost 12+ years before 2013.

In 2013 they Quit their job, sold their house and decided to travel the world.

As they are mentioned in their blog they are slow travelers So that they can explore more things about a place. And they traveled widely across India, South America, Newzealand and Some parts of Southeast Asia

for more information click here.

6. singhruby.com;

Singhruby.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Singhruby.com is managed or owned by Ruby Singh who is a Full-time Engineer, traveler, blogger, and life enthusiast.

And she writes not only about travel stories, but She also writes about adventure in her life and the things which excite her to do the same. and of course, I recommend you to check her blog.

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Her Website.

7. Traveltalesfromindia.in;

Traveltalesfromindia.in website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Travel Tales from India website is owned by Mridula Dwivedi and she used to be a professor before she became a traveler,

She started her blog in 2005, And She got featured on the BBC and The Guardian within a few months.

And she featured at National Geographic/Skoda Yeti videos.

And for more information Click Here.

8. Travelseewrite.com;

travelseewrite.com website layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Travel See Write website is owned by Archana Singh And her Also a speaker at TEDx, WTM, ATM, HTM, PATA, TBC-Asia, ATWS, TBEX And two more,

And In 2018 She was the most awarded Travel Bloggers In India.

And She got featured in many Publications, Blogs by many trave enthusiasts For more information please do read her about us page.

And for her Website Click Here.

9. inditales.com;

inditales.com travel blog layout
Image credits: Respected owners

An Award-winning travel blog from India covering India and International Tourism Destination to love admiring the art, History, Culture.

And This Blog is owned by an Indian Lady Called Anuradha Goyal. She is an inspiration for most people.

And She traveled across 18 countries including India.

She worked in an IT Industry for 12 + years and She also wrote a book namely The-Mouse Charmers-Digital pioneer of India, published by Random House.

10. the-shooting-star.com; My favorite Indian travel blog

the-shooting-star.com travel blog layout
Image credits: Respected owners

This Website Lead or Owned by a female called Shivya Nath.

She is My most favorite And inspirational blogger. to know please have the eye next to this property.

In 2011, at the age of 23, She quite 9 to 5 Corporate Job with a dream of traveling the world.

In 2013, She Gave up her home, sold most of her belongings and began living nomadically.

In 2015, She turned Vegan and Decided to cut out all animal products from her diet.

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In 2018, she published a book called The Shooting Star about her personal journey and how her travels have shaped her life choices, She was overwhelmed when it became a national bestseller in just over month of release.

In 2014, The Story of how she quit her job to travel was featured on BBC Travel

In 2017, Her Journey was featured on the cover of National Geographic traveler India magazine!

In 2019, Her work was featured on The Washington Post, among travelers changing the way we think of the world.

Don’t forget to check her Website.

11. travelshoebum.com; The Craziest Blogger in India

travelshoebum.com travel blog layout
Image credits: Respected owners

Travel Shoe Bum 🙂

This blog is maintained or owned by a guy who had no hope on his life by the Asthma from his business in his village and taking the tablets for the same feels him like an old age people, for a 28-year guy and side effects of these tablets and all made him leave his hope of life.

And He made a Decision to travel so he started to travel from home without knowing anyone and having 16 thousand rupees in his pocket after one month he called his parents and told them that he will not return home again and he wants to live his life traveling.

And He traveled across 24 + states in India and 4+ Countries, His story is something else that you can think whatever it may.

So Please Definitely Check his Blog For more information.

These all are the blogs that we think can be the most loved Travel blogs of India, And if we miss anyone please do comment down below.

And for more information about Best worlds travel blogs please click here.

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